Jack Gordon

Co-owner of Triomph, Jack believes fitness, health, and wellness, should be a lifestyle, not a  quick fix. Certified personal trainer and class instructor, Jack is adept at using the body as it's own "workout machine", he rarely trains clients with "traditional" equipment, and chooses instead to have them perform a variety of exercises such as push ups, squats, planks, pull-ups, lunges, etc...Having grown up on military bases (his father was in the military for 25 years), Jack embraces the 'Excuses Are the Nails That Build a House of Failure!' philosophy of training. He is known for his drill sargeant style of training. Whether a bride to be, or a member of the Brooklyn Rugby Team, Jack will tell you to--- GO HARD, OR GO HOME!

Lateef Oseni

Co-Owner of Triomph, Lateef is an ISSA certified personal trainer and specialist in performance nutrition.  Lateef believes that the wellness approach is the true path to attaining all goals, no matter what they are.  "When your mind and body are in a state of perfect health and balance you will be able to manage stress better, you will find it easier to make better dietary decisions, you will have little problems losing fat, you will sleep better, your workouts will be more effective, you will be pain free, you will look younger, you will be more productive at work, you will live younger & longer, and the cycle never ends."

our training team

Vladhimir Laguerre
Vlad's approach to fitness is using unique, program based workouts. They are all designed to take your fitness needs to the next level, whether you are a fitness novice, or advanced athlete. He also challenges your mind and body in the process! Vlad believes in positive reinforcement, and that every client is an individual with individual needs and goals. With nine years under his belt in the fitness and wellness industry, he stays tuned in to the beat of latest industry news and advances, and also shuns fitness fads and "quick fixes".

Alan Makar
Having had an active childhood (Alan is especially well versed in martial arts) helped Alan realize his passion for health and fitness. He has the ability to instinctively know what works for a client, and is able to make the client’s goals achievable. Alan believes in the ‘KISS’ method of training- keeping it simple and straightforward, to help his clients achieve their goals. Alan helps his clients understand the importance of being disciplined and teaches them the significance of structure, as well as the value of overall wellness. Alan is always on the hunt for the three 'F's--- exercises that are fun, functional, and form shifting! His method of training is one of support. He believes in building up (not breaking down!) a client's motivation, dedication, and drive.